Media: Unusual

Purpose: Awareness

Language: English

Derivative: Ubuntu

Release: Not Release Specific

Got it from: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/29948/Ubuntuforyou.jpg

Fantastic map on wheter Ubuntu is something for you or not (applies for the Desktop)!

No source other than the file :(

License specified above

I also like!!

I would like to translate it into Spanish and work it a little ... you say?

Good idea, needs improvement

Well thought out, and could definitely help new users find out if Ubuntu is a good decision. It is a comfortable way to warn of its shortcomings, but encourage the users who Ubuntu is great for.

My only problem with it is that it is visually unappealing. The background needs some work. Each node should have a large heading/title, so it can be skimmed and analyzed from a distance quickly (vital for a poster). However, each node should also keep the same details underneath the heading for those who want to learn more. Each node should probably have some kind of background so that it is easier to read. It should also be reorganized to avoid crisscrossing wherever possible.

Again, it is a well thought out diagram with important information.

little error

hi joseph, I like me you job... bat i see a little error... the logo ubuntu and font ubuntu is old... if you want use a new COF and new logo? ... i can transate youe job in italian languages? T.Y.