Media: Poster

Purpose: Awareness

Language: English

Derivative: Ubuntu

Release: Not Release Specific

9 PDF brochures presenting examples of Ubuntu adoption in companies, assocations, schools and universities.

Sources in ODG can be modified.

Created from the live-cd example files by the live-CD localization team of ubuntu-fr:

(we use them to get example files in French, in the live-session of our French Remix Live-cd).

Creative Commons License "Ubuntu adoption case studies (for companies, associations, schools)" by YannUbuntu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Translated from another material at SpreadUbuntu by YannUbuntu

Technical and professional

Excellent case studies. Some very supportive quotes from satisfied users. These are professional-looking, and formally-worded papers.

Great job.